Are You a Camera-Ready Speaker?


Whether you’re going on stage, TV or signing autographs after a speech, you MUST be camera-ready. The speaking business (at the highest level) is conducted in front of thousands, if not tens of thousands or millions of people through various mediums. The public, your fans and your audience expect and deserve to see you at your best. Watch this short post I taped in Chicago after being interviewed on WICU-TV (NBC) and I’ll look forward to your comments. For any of you interested in seeing my television appearances, visit where you can see me on over 100 different TV shows from around the world.


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  1. Gill Phelan says:

    Thanks Steve—for the inside scoop on the little stuff. My take when I saw this video was I thought your shirt was great! One of the first things I KNEW when I took your Gove Speech Workshop was that I MUST lose weight! You and Dawn were very kind when I said I looked like a fat slob and she said no–you look fine! Well I know better than that and I guess we have to lie sometimes! Anyway that was obvious to me immediately—and to boot I am teaching people Mental Toughness! Yeah sure —not mentally tough enough to put the Tortilla down!
    I still only have so much to work with but being fat is something I CAN do something about to look more presentable.

  2. Lisa Gough says:

    Thanks! I didn’t know that the smaller stations don’t have hair and make up artists available. Good to know. I’ll be doing my own hair and make up for the camera some day! I can’t wait!

  3. Neil McCallum says:

    Well I tried hairspray Steve, but when I sprayed it on my bald head I found flies stuck to it. From a distance it looked like I had a very short-cropped afro, and the buzzing made the TV sound guy really irritated. I did manage to hover a few inches off the ground when I had about 80 flies stuck though. The TV interviewer thought

  4. Neil McCallum says:

    … as I was saying… the TV interviewer thought I was levitating, so they now want to interview me with Deepak Chopra.

    Maybe I should have stuck rabbits on my scalp… from a distance they look like hares (boom tish!)

    Bring on Good Morning America!

  5. Gill Phelan says:

    Thanks for the laugh!!!

  6. One of the reasons I’ve been losing weight – to be camera-ready! Thanks, Steve!

    PS – I guess Vitalis is out, huh? 🙂

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