Are You Selling Speeches or Processes?


The content that professional speakers have sold for 60 years is now available for free on the internet. You can get a world-class education on YouTube! This is one of the reasons so many speakers have left the business in the past few years. The good news is processes are hotter than ever, and the richest speakers in the business are getting richer specializing in this area. Watch this short video I taped in Seattle, Washington and I’ll look forward to your comments.


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Categories : Speaking


  1. Bolanle Pacheco says:

    Hello Steve, I just saw this video and it blew my mind. Definitely an Ah ha moment. Before watching this video, I was heading down the path of average speaker but now I have processes on the brain :) I would like to talk with you (if you are available ) on processes I can start with my program. Maybe mentor me?

    PS: Thanks for sharing that information. God Bless :)

  2. Bolanle Pacheco says:

    ****Correction**** heading down the path of an average speaker.

  3. Armond says:

    I’m kind of confused about processes, could you give me a brief overview of processes. I’m sorry im confused..

  4. Butch Phelps says:

    I would like to hear more about processes as well. I realize we cannot go into here in depth, but an overview would be great to give me better understanding.

  5. its like mining for gold….

    when you have content, you have gold until someone finds your location. once the secret is out about the mine, the miner is done…unless he knows how to find another gold mine. the process is that continuous means of finding gold mines.

    NEWS FLASH: your secret is up if everyone knows about your gold mine….the content on Youtube (and the internet) has given away the mine.

    the successful speaker has the process to mine gold forever because they know how to find another mine, and another and another….

    …awesome stuff Steve!

  6. Armond James says:

    Thanks Matt i had an ahaa moment reading your post and thank you steve for the great post.. So you’re basically saying that you’re your nitch and we should be able deliver on any topic??? We’re basically our own goldmine..

  7. steve says:

    No Armond,
    What I’m saying is that you should sell long term change/improvement processes on your one topic of expertise. Example: A speech is like giving someone a single golf lesson. A process is putting them on a lesson, practice and course play schedule for 12 months thats overseen by the golf pro. Which will get better results? Which will be more profitable? Does that make sense?

  8. Armond says:

    BINGO, I GET IT NOW THANK YOU SO MUCH…I’m on it right now

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