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Professional Speaker Live Broadcast Q&A

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Join us for a LIVE BROADCAST “How to Break into the Professional Speaking Business Q&A” on Thursday, June 23 at 12 Noon EDT


If you’re serious about making it big in the speaking business in 2016, watch this short video (3 minutes) and apply for our Speakers Apprentice Team. This is more than about licensing content; it’s about learning the business from the ground up directly from a million-dollar speaker. Nothing like this has ever been offered in the history of the speaking industry. After you view this short video, visit


Professional Speakers Money Module

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As a professional speaker, do you devote any of your speech to talking about money? Most major speakers in the public market do. Watch this short video I taped in Manhattan after my latest appearance on FOX Business Network. I’ll look forward to your comments.

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The Professional Speaker Show

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Check out for some of the best video training on how to earn a substantial living as a professional speaker. Mike Stewart and I developed this video magazine to give speakers inside information on the art and business of professional speaking from a 7-figure per year perspective. As of July 2, 2009, we have over 70 hours of video training on the site, and we’re adding new video’s every month. We took several hours of backstage video last quarter that takes you behind the scenes of speaking to packed auditoriums with thousands of people in the audience. This training will cut years off of your learning curve and help you make money in the greatest business in the world!  Listen to this post and then check out the website at   Steve Siebold ( 2:00 )

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Professional public speaking is the most under-rated leadership success skill. This is a little known secret of world-class leaders. USA Today nailed it in their February 28, 2008 article ‘ Do Effective Speakers Make Effective Presidents?’ The article was written by Wynton C. Hall, and it’s right on the money. Strong public speaking skills may make Barack Obama the most powerful man in the world. Politics aside, what other evidence has he presented to the American people that says he’s ready for this position? He’s only 47 years old; he’s a fairly new senator, and he’s running against a woman with a resume full of public success. If he wins the Democratic nomination, he’ll be up against a 72-year old war hero that was living in a cage with rats for 5 years as a POW in Vietnam when Obama was a teenager. How could he POSSIBLY defeat a national treasure like John McCain? There’s only one way: Through his ability to motivate and inspire people from the platform. USA Today says thats not a reason to elect him, and they’re probably right. But like it or not; right or wrong, people BUY on emotion, and Barack Obama knows how to use the platform to get people excited. My question for you (and me) is; are WE using the power of public speaking to get what we want? 

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