How to Become a Million Dollar Speaker in 2013


Imagine becoming a Million Dollar Professional Speaker in 2013. One of my students made the leap in 2012, grossing over $1.6 million. Once you understand the revenue-driving fundamentals of this business, the income potential is substantial. I’m excited to announce a new book that has been released on this subject. St. Paul, Minnesota based author Elliot Saltzman interviewed me over an 8-month period this year and his new book, How to Become a Million Dollar Speaker: The Steve Siebold Story, is now available. Elliot caught me on good days, bad days and everything in between on the road speaking and the result is a book that dissects the good, bad and ugly of this business in a way no author has ever told it. If you’re ready to make the million dollar leap in 2013, this book is for you. You can find it on Amazon. I’ll be speaking at the Florida Speakers Association on Saturday, January 12, 2013 in Ft. Lauderdale. Tickets are available at¬† Use this¬† code by Dec. 31 for discount tickets: TMjan

Watch this short video ( 2:11 ) I taped on Palm Beach for details, and I’ll look forward to your comments. Happy New Year 2013!


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Categories : Speaking Business


  1. Tony Jones says:

    Hi Steve,

    Happy New Year to you too.

    Great insight from the video clip.

    Best rgs,


  2. Steve:

    Absolutely great advice – by going for it, the worst thing that could possibly happen is that you don’t meet the goal . . . this year.

    But by NOT going for it, you’re guaranteed to not meet the goal . . . ever.

    Here’s to a fantastic 2013!


  3. I have the drive an passion for speaking but not the marketing of myself. This is not an excuse as some may think. I truly do not like” selling myself”. I have put in my time and doing this and became burnt out from managing all the hats. I have looked high and low for a agent. Many just want big money to be on a Fancy list. How does one get a reputable agent that can and will book me? I have rested and now want to get up and continue my climb. Other than getting, “How to Become a Million Dollar Speaker” by Elliot Saltzman, What is the very first think I should do?….ordering that book now!



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