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After being interviewed on hundreds of television shows over the past 4 years, I’ve learned a few key techniques that keep TV audiences awake and TV producers coming back for more. There is nothing more powerful in promoting your speaking career than publicity, and television is the most credible publicity you can get. Watch this short video (1:35) I shot a few days ago in Milwaukee after appearing on FOX Business Network via satellite from Milwaukee Public Television.


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  1. TC North says:

    Hey Steve, so true! I was interviewed on KUSA 9News and had a good laugh with the interviewer. When we were done and on commercial break, the producer came out and introduced himself shook my hand and said, “that was a fantastic piece. Thank you. And, would you come back and just laugh on all the pieces I produce.” I think he liked the laughter more than the content… Good and bad news. Hope all is well in your world Steve! TC

  2. Hey Steve! Glad to see you’re enjoying my former home state of “WIZ-consin”!

    Thanks for the tip. The beauty of knowing your topic is that you can relax. All great stuff!


  3. Scott says:

    Great call, Steve. It’s called having fun and I see it in everything you do! I know of no one alive (other than Bob) that has applied the principles of “Think and Grow Rich) as well as you have. That’s why your world class!
    Thanks for the content, as always engaging and thought provoking.

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