Speaking at The Vatican


As a professional or emerging professional speaker, how much do you believe in your message? Your level of belief will have a major impact on your audience response, and ultimately, on your speaking career. Watch this short video I shot at The Vatican a few days ago and I”ll look forward to your comments. (In the video I mistakenly say I’m in Rome, Italy, when I’m actually in Vatican City… apologies to my Catholic friends!)

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  1. Kevin Hiscock says:

    If your message isn’t part of who you are no one is going to believe it, including yourself. Emerson said it the best, “Who you are speaks so loudly, I can’t hear what your are saying.”

  2. Petar says:

    Great point Steve! I totally agree that it is very hard (almost impossible) to convey ideas / concepts in which we don’t believe entirely. Thank you for sharing.

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