Top 5 Speaker Goals


What are your top 5 goals as a professional speaker? Do you want to speak to 20,000 people in a stadium? Make a million dollars? Influence people around the world?  Watch this short video I taped in Beverly Hills, California and I’ll look forward to your comments.   Steve Siebold  (3:15 )

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  1. Mike Jacobi says:

    My main goal is really to use the Mental Toughness processes to help companies to fully and effectively implement the Net Promoter System.
    By being able to get medium to large companies to truly have a customer loyalty program would benefit a lot of people.
    Financially, making a million+ per year would be great (including a new Mercedes SLS).
    I would love to share the stage with you and looking forward to do it with Brian Tracy in Jan. Randy Gage comes to mind and the founder of NPS, Fred Reichheld.
    Traveling the US and hopefully the world with my wife and give speeches is another incentive.
    Most importantly I want to have fun doing any of those things above,

  2. Tim says:


    I want to travel and speak about how people can overcome adversity through physical, mental and spiritual training. My situation is that I have 2 sons that I have to watch and it prevents me from traveling because I have no one to watch them. Any suggestions as to what I can do now. I can start traveling in about 2 years. I have followed you and Dawn for so long now and you guys are the best. Also thought the Bill Gove Speech Workshop was the best of any kind of training I have ever seen.

  3. Jeannette Lynn says:

    My goals?! I get excited talking about goals! I’d love to share my goals!

    To do open water swims all over the world! To share those stories and those lessons with the world! To turn the toxicity of some organizational cultures into a thriving environment where the employees potential just can’t be stopped because they’re so happy and on fire! And I don’t know exactly where my fascination with Bob Proctor came from because I don’t even know the guy, but I will know him well enough one day to learn from his wisdom. I’ll be sharing the stage with many of “the greats” in this business for sure. And I’ll pay cash for the new car I need and then of course, how cool would it be to pay cash for a house one day?! Oh and that million dollars I promised my dad and my sister when I was a child that was so convinced she was going to be a multi millionaire? DONE! Given. Success.

    Mostly, I just really want to enjoy every part of my life and the three things that will allow me to do that? Swimming, travelling, speaking. It’s so funny to me that I’ve spent so much time trying to figure out how to be an adult and suddenly, here I am, right back to feeling like a giddy kid again and just . . . going with it.

  4. JT DeBolt says:

    I just had dinner last night with a dear friend and fellow speaker, and we were talking about you and your influence and your fantastic training. Just wanted you to know that these videos continue to inspire, instruct and maintain the focus and momentum in my speaking business. Thank you for being an amazing coach and mentor.

  5. Matt Harmon says:

    Speaking to a stadium of 20,000 people. Making a million dollars. Influencing people around the world. Those all sound like good goals to me!

    For me, it’s also about becoming the person I was meant to be. That’s my number one goal. To reach my full potential as a human being. To be the best husband and father that I can be. The problem with this goal is that it’s specific and measureable. Of course, there will never be a point when any of us stops learning and growing. So there is no timetable on my goal either.

    But if I constantly strive to to reach my full potential as a person and as a family man, then I have faith that everything else will fall into place. I will end up speaking to thousands of people in a stadium, making millions of dollars and influencing people around the world.

  6. Butch Phelps says:

    I really have one goal and that is influencing 5 million people to change their way of thinking about healthcare and create a Muscle University to educate healthcare professionals about muscle engineering. If I touch enough people the money will come to help me influence even more.

  7. RJ says:

    My Goal is to Convince 1,000,000 Liberal Democrats to Change their Vote.

  8. I want to inspire women and young girls to build their self esteem by sharing my stories of struggles in business, personal relationships, health and how I have and am overcoming those struggles. I want to be a personal example to millions of people and motivate them to want better lives for themselves.
    I would be happy to have 10% of the success that Elizabeth Gilbert (author of Eat, Pray, Love) received in sales of her book (9 million copies sold- $135 million in sales). I am choosing Elizabeth as a barometer for my success. 10% of her success equates to 900,000 copies sold and 1.35 million in sales.
    I’ll take that!
    The book I am writing is just if not more juicy than hers. I cannot give the title away just yet but I will say that it is a memoir of very personal issues I have experienced in my life that I believe in my heart millions of women will be able to relate to.
    I am not an author or a professional writer. I have made my career as a dancer and more specifically as a salsa dancer who has traveled, won championships, trained, choreographed all over the world. I have so much insight to share that will help women. I have decided to take on this new venture of writing which has been truly therapeutic. My main career is the dance industry so I will be more than happy to seek your advice Steve when the time is right upon the release of my book.

  9. Daniel says:

    My main goal is to target stakeholders and Government to assess, review and consider aspects mental health awareness.

    I wish to pursue my career in training in promoting mental health awareness. I have given a number of presentations on the subject and the feedback to date would suggest that there is a real need for this multi faceted subject to be brought to the attention of the people in these trying times.

    There are many aspects; including the duration, content and style of academic courses that could be reviewed for their purpose and addressing issues of personal development and stress, to name a few incorporated in as well.

    Issues such as excessive drinking, particularly for students and young people, bullying, sexual identidy, values, self worth, seeeking and reveiving support are all areas that I am proactive in my hope to bring about change in this area.

    I believe awareness is the key for many people. From a cost point of view, I believe prevention prior to having excessive stress, or set backs, is far easier to treat as oppossed to the subsequent costs incurred in treating from a medical perspective.

    comments or any feedback welcome. Keep up the good work Steve.

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