TV Interview Strategy


When you’re being interviewed on television, there’s one major strategy you need to know. Watch this short video I taped on my TV tour through the Midwest. I’ll look forward to your comments.

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Categories : Speaking


  1. james geiger says:

    Simple, practical and to the point.
    I am looking forward to my next mic and camera events.

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    Thanks for the “sound” advice!

    Dr Geiger

  2. I remember when Ronald Reagan was setting up for a press conference and before he went on the air, he was testing the mike and made a joke saying that his new foreign policy with the Soviets was to begin bombing in 5 minutes. There were many mikes that picked that up. Needless to say, the press had a field day with that.

    Brenda & I just did a couple TV interviews–one taped and one live on Utah’s largest TV station and I did actually think of that when they hooked up the lapel mike to my suit while we waited to go on the set so we sat very quiet in the green room before going on the air.

    I also knew of a speaker who forgot to take off his mike after he walked off stage and went into the men’s room–it picked up every sound and everything he said before someone chased him down to turn it off–horribly humiliating for him!

    Good reminder and good advice.

  3. Steve,

    As an aircraft pilot, I’ve made a lot of radio transmissions over the years. You’re wearing a microphone every minute you’re in the cockpit. You use it to talk to the ground, to other aircraft, and even to the other people in the aircraft with you.

    It’s so easy to forget you’re wearing it . . . until the wrong words go out over the air.

    (Yep – I’ve done it. Fortunately nothing catastrophic, but definitely embarrassing.)

    Thanks for your great reminder – treat all microphones as “live” (especially the dead ones!).


  4. Matt Harmon says:

    I don’t think there is really anything to add here. It’s a great point that needs to be made from time to time. Thanks for the reminder, Steve.

  5. Thanks for the reminder. It can be quite embarrassing when you say stuff that you do not want to be broadcast off the set. All the best with your tour Steve.

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