Where Do You Dream of Speaking?


In what halls, stadiums or arena’s would you like to speak? In what states, towns or countries? My dream was to speak to large crowds in sold out stadiums, and the reality was better than I imagined. Watch this short (1:34 ) video I taped on the beach in Grand Cayman after delivering a speech. I’ll look forward to your comments.


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Categories : Speaking


  1. MSgt Ray U Urban , USMC -WWII -Korea Vet says:

    Go for it now — Am a 92 year old so called public speaker, tho my nitche is limited, do talks on WWIIi Trivia & other facts, using posters and pictures of that era, along with my mini-WWII Museum. My regrets are that I did’nt take this up earlier- Have made about 25 or 30 presentations to church and civic groups – The high-light was recently, talking to a civic club of 150 at the Shreveport, La., Municipal Auditorium – A land-mark of this area, being the home of the Old Louisiana Hayride – Elvis was still in the building – A great feeling — I do not charge as this is part of my contribution to our way of life — So those that have mis-givings about pursueing the speaking field – do’nt delay – Time is shorter than we know — Wish I could have had more training – make your wishes come true -GO FOR IT — SEMPER FI – Psalm 91

  2. Hi Steve,

    I would love to see your video and would love to share it with your proteges but it isn’t operating too well…is there any other way? Is it on You Tube?

    Great seeing you if only in a still shot!


  3. Jay Frost says:

    I would love to conduct a “World Philanthropy Tour”. This tour would take me to countries in every region of the world to address fundraising and philanthropy, showing nonprofits around the globe how they can become self-sufficient and successful by employing time-tested principles of resource development. This would also permit me to interview major donors on all continents and discover what are the top forces driving charitable giving today. Whether the venues were large or small, formal or informal, the World Philanthropy Tour would be an opportunity to learn, share and inspire by tapping into the universal connection between community needs and the power of individuals to give.

  4. Sandy M. Threlkeld says:

    Aiming to build this enormous speaking career. I see my biggest obstacle for me is to get myself out of the way for success. Steve Di you have any advice for someone starting to share his heart with the world?

  5. jerry x shea says:

    Hi Steve and others reading this. Steve is right on with this tip. For you new speakers remember the old saying – “you need to crawl before you walk and walk before your run.” I have owned 6 different businesses and each one was a business that had a “nitch market.” For me, when I went into speaking, I identified 3 “nitch markets.” years ago. End result, I have traveled all over the USA speaking to my “nitch.” You can not become a “speaker for all.” So set your sights on a target market and then “work it to death.” Best of luck. Jerry X

  6. Matt Harmon says:

    I’m with you on this, Steve. I’m not a fan of flying, so I would like to speak in the U.S. as much as possible. At the same time, I love experiencing new things and new places. Unfortunately, it takes a long time to get to some of those places. If I could get paid to travel to Europe, Australia and the other regions of the world that I want to see, then that would be ideal.

  7. Butch Phelps says:

    I would love to speak all over the world especially to corporations and teach people how to maintain their muscle health to save their joints and back.

  8. My military career really whetted my appetite for travel. While I don’t want to spend ALL my time overseas, I’d really enjoy a mix of of US/non-US speaking gigs.


  9. Hello Steve my name is Juliet Wilson, a poet, author, nurse and christian. I love to speak and share on differernt topics that motivate and inspire others. Looking for opportunities.

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