Why Every Professional Speaker Earning Less than $500,000 per year should attend the Bob Proctor Cruise


Bob Proctor has done it again! He’s booked an entire major cruise ship for the October 18-25, 2008 voyage of the Bob Proctor Cruise. If you’re a fan of personal development, check it out at  If you’re a professional speaker earning less than 500k USD per year, you NEED to be there. 12 professional speakers will join Bob; including Mark Victor Hansen (Bill Gove Graduate 1970) Cynthia Kersey (BG Graduate 1999) Lisa Jimenez  (BG Graduate 2000) Steve Siebold (1996) Paul Martinelli (2006) to mention a few. This is an opportunity to immerse yourself into the professional speaking world for 7 days with 10 of the highest paid speakers in the business. It’s a very rare opportunity. Listen to this post for more information.

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  1. David says:


    Would you provide me with some information about the cruise? Where is it leaving from, going to?
    What will be the price for program participants as well as family members going on vacation?


    David W. Maus

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