How to Get Booked by the Biggest Companies

As a speaker, how do you break into the biggest companies in the world? This is the most popular question I get from speakers. Theres a secret, yet simple formula, and anyone can use it. Watch this video for the short answer, and listen/watch Episode #3 of for the details you need to get...

3 Passive Income Sources for Speakers

The smartest speakers live on passive income and invest their speaking fees. Thats how most of us survived the COVID shutdown. Passive income is easy to build, especially if you build it in the personal development niche. Your fan base expects you to be involved in your programs and others, so its a natural fit....

Triple Threat of Keynote Speaking

There are 3 core elements that go into an award-winning keynote speech. Whether you’re an executive speaking to your team; a professional growing a practice or a fee-paid keynote speaker, these 3 elements are the ingredients to the secret sauce of success. Watch this short video for the answer.

Bob Proctor’s Personal Advice…#9

The late, great Bob Proctor was larger than life. Over our 25 year friendship, he advised me on a great number of life lessons. I’m sharing my Top 10 with you. This is #9.

Bill Gove Graduates Surpass $500 Million Dollars in Speaking Fees

The graduates of the world-famous Bill Gove Speech Workshop have collectively set another record in the professional speaking business, surpassing an astounding $500 million dollars in speaking fees since the workshop began in 1947. Many of the heaviest hitters include Brian Tracy, Bob Proctor, Mark Victor Hansen, Larry Wilson and Nido Qubein. In this short...

Bob Proctor’s Top 10 Personal Tips

Over the past 25 years, Bob Proctor has been a mentor and close personal friend. We’ve spoken on stage all over the world together, recorded albums and sold millions of products and programs. Since Bob passed away, I’ve been thinking about all the personal advice he’s given me over the years thats made an impact...

Bob Proctor: 1934-2022

Bob Proctor, whom Bill Gove affectionally referred to as “The Toronto Tornado” passed away peacefully on February 3, 2022. I spoke to him just a few weeks prior, and he sounded as positive as I’ve ever heard him. I first met Bob back in 1997, when he agreed to mentor me in the professional speaking...

Professional Speakers Demo Shoot Zoom Call Wednesday, June 23, 2021 at 9pmET

This Wednesday, June 23, at 9pm ET, we’ll be conducting a Zoom call to outline the upcoming Professional Speakers Demo Video Shoot. We’ll also be discussing what it takes to get listed with the Georgia Speakers Bureau. As the meetings and conventions business reopens, we’re once again searching for new talent. The number #1 tool in...

Speaking Business Rebirth

The most common question we get at Georgia Speakers Bureau is “when will the speaking business reopen?” While no one can be 100% sure, we’ve been calling our corporate clients for the past few weeks to get their take. Watch this short video for the results of over 50 conversations with Fortune 500 executives.

My Interview on FOX News Houston

This is TV interview #131 on our 15-month old national media tour of the United States and Canada for our book, How Money Works: Stop Being a Sucker. As you’ll see, I ruffled a few feathers in finance with one.