Speaker’s Classic Mistake

Are you connecting with your audiences, or making the classic mistake of giving them too much information? Watch this short video shot on Lake Lanier and I’ll look forward to your comments.

Speaker’s Apprentice Opportunity

Bill Gove, the father of professional speaking, was my mentor. I served as his apprentice for 5 years, and it changed my life. In 5 years I went from losing over $50,000 to earning over $1M. Now its 20 years later, and I’m searching for my own apprentice. If you think you have what it...

How To Make Money Selling Books

After writing 10 books over the course of my speaking career, one of the questions I get asked most often is “How do you make money on books?” The average speaker sells 250 copies of their books. The rest end up in the garage with the lawn mower and the rakes. Obviously you must write...

Your 2018 Speaker’s Plan?

There are only 30 days left in 2017. Have you started your 2018 business plan? Watch this video to help you get started.

What Are You Adding to the Conversation?

As a professional speaker, what are you adding to the conversation? As I discussed in my last post, most speakers are saying the same thing, yet its what you add to people’s lives that’s different that makes your career. Watch this short video and I’ll look forward to your comments. (Steve Siebold)

What Makes You a Unique Speaker?

What are saying to audiences, writing in your books and espousing to the press that makes you unique? Are you saying the same things as the other 95% of the speakers, or are you unique? Watch this post (3 minutes) and I’ll look forward to your comments. (Steve Siebold)

Why Do You Speak?

Why do you want to become a professional speaker? Believe me, there are much easier ways to make a living! If you don’t have a compelling reason to make it in this business, you will fail. It requires years of hard work and persistence to earn money speaking. Watch this short post, and I’ll look...

#1 Reason Keynote Speakers FAIL

In this short (2 minutes) video I discuss the #1 reason keynote speakers fail in this business. After earning over $13 million in speaking fees, I’d attribute most of my success to making sure I covered this one area well. Luckily I had the best mentor in the business, the great Bill Gove, the father...

Professional Speakers Dream Venues

Have you made a list of your dream audiences and venues? Maybe you want to speak to 1,000 people. Maybe 5,000. Maybe even 20,000! In which world-class venues do you dream of speaking in? Carnegie Hall? Madison Square Garden? Georgia Dome? When I started speaking for fees over 20 years ago, the largest audience I...

Speaking at The Vatican

As a professional or emerging professional speaker, how much do you believe in your message? Your level of belief will have a major impact on your audience response, and ultimately, on your speaking career. Watch this short video I shot at The Vatican a few days ago and I”ll look forward to your comments. (In...