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Professional Speaker Live Broadcast Q&A

Join us for a LIVE BROADCAST “How to Break into the Professional Speaking Business Q&A” on Thursday, June 23 at 12 Noon EDT

19 Speaking Deals in 13 days…Siebold Success Network kicks off Thursday, April 30th at 9pm eastern

Since my last post and promise to do a 100 speaking deals in 100 days, I’ve signed 19 deals in the last 13 days, including a few with some of the biggest names in the professional speaking business. I’m projecting around $100,000-150,000 in additional revenue from these deals alone in 2009. And that’s in the...

Steve Siebold’s LIVE Television Interview June 24, 2008 on Professional Speaking

I hope you’ll tune in to my live interview on the professional speaking business this Tuesday, June 24. Jeff Herring will be interviewing me about what some people have called the world’s highest paid profession: Professional Public Speaking. I’m not sure if it’s the highest paid or not, but I can tell you President Bill...