The REAL Money in Speaking

Where is the real money in speaking? It’s not the speech, but after the speech that counts. The richest non-celebrity speakers all know this and structure their business accordingly. Watch this short video for the answer. If you want to take advantage of our structure, visit before July 15, 2015.   

Speaker Marketing Training July 12, 2014

Join me on Saturday, July 12, 2014 in Ann Arbor, Michigan (40 miles outside Detroit) for my presentation to the Michigan Chapter of the National Speakers Association. Watch this short video for details. You can purchase tickets at [media id=153]  

Last Chance for Speakers

On May 31-June 1, 2014, I’m going to conduct one final speaker marketing seminar for the people who’ve been begging me to do it for years. This 2-day program will be an intense, content heavy program where I’ll share everything I’ve learned during my 18-years in this business. I’ve kept the price extremely low so...

Million Dollar Speaker Seminar Tickets

If you’re ready to break through in the speaking business in 2014, join me for this special, one-time, one-day program that will detail exactly how to build a 6-7 figure career as a professional speaker. Watch this short video and visit for more information and tickets. [media id=142]

FREE Professional Speakers Book Offer

Minneapolis-based author/speaker Elliot Saltzman has penned the most direct, honest, and factual book ever written on what it really takes to make it in the speaking business, and I want to offer you a FREE ebook copy. The book is called How to Become a Million Dollar Professional Speaker. This book examines the nitty-gritty, good,...

Are You a Credible Speaker?

Professional speeches at the highest fee level are sold through speaking skill and subject credibility. Jack Welch speaks on leadership; his credibility comes from leading General Electric. Tony Robbins speaks on changing peoples lives, and he has a massive list of clients he’s helped change. Bill Gove spoke on succeeding in sales and his credibility...