Steve Siebold

Steve Siebold, CSP, CPCS

My name is Steve Siebold. I’m an author, professional speaker and consultant to Fortune 500 sales teams on how to increase sales and retention rates through mental toughness training. As a professional athlete and coach, I’ve always been fascinated with the mental aspects of performance. I’ve been studying this field and interviewing world-class performers since 1984. My book, 177 Mental Toughness Secrets of the World Class, has sold over 100,000 copies around the world since it’s release in 2005.(  My corporate clients include Johnson & Johnson, Toyota, Harrah’s Entertainment, Procter & Gamble, and GlaxoSmithKline. I deliver approximately 60 keynote speeches and 600 group coaching calls with sales teams per year. To see me in action at a national convention, visit  If you’re an entrepreneur, business owner or professional interested in mental toughness training, visit our Mental Toughness College at   If you’re a corporate executive interested in coaching your sales team to better results, check out our most popular corporate training program,  If you’re interested in losing weight through mental toughness training, visit  For a complete list of our CD’s, DVD’s, seminars and workshops, visit our corporate website at

Personal information: I’m 43 years old, happily married for 23 years, and live with my wife Dawn, mini-dachsund Robin the Rat Dog, and Sugar Gliders Einstein and Maslow. We live in Palm Beach County, Florida in the winter and on Lake Lanier ( North Georgia ) in the summer.  

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  1. Hi Steve: Keep up the great blog, it’s very helpful. For some reason my friend Bill Kent was on it and I wasn’t so I was getting it second hand. Now I have finally subscribed. Thanks! Brian

  2. Lee gruber says:

    Hi Steve glad to be hearing from you

  3. Hi Steve it is my honor to be following someone who is doing what he talks about. Thank you again for these great blogs and looking to be in your company soon.

  4. Good Day Steve! I am so thrilled to have found you and I am so thankful for all of your advice and guidance and opportunity. Looking forward to meeting with you one day. Barbara

  5. Peter Hicks says:

    Hello Steve,

    I enjoyed your free on-line course. It is so wonderful to listen to someone who walks their talk.

    Peter Hicks

  6. umarabdullah says:

    I am very keen to become a professional speaker particularly on the radio. I used to perform as a singer and am used to communicating with large audiences. I am willing to undergo any training necessary in order to get up to scratch. Any tips that you may have would be much appreciated.

  7. umarabdullah says:

    Thank you for accepting me on your subscribers list. I am very keen to become a professional speaker particularly on the radio. I used to sing to large audiences where the art of communication is vital. I am willing to undergo any training required to get up to scratch and would much appreciate any tips you may have

  8. Please have Steve call me direct about his programs for professional speakers. Also interested in Founders Mtg.-Ft. Lauderdale.

    Christopher Klesh
    President-Lifetime Leisure

  9. Dre'sta says:

    I am most likely your most unlikely fan and follower…I come from the “Hood” as well as the Rap world but know that Motivational Speaking is another gift that i’ve long used to help others but never pursued as a career…I look forward to learning more and being the positive energy needed in the environment that I come from…I look forward to your return call…appreciate it….

  10. Karley says:

    Hi Steve,
    You have obviously helped a lot of people over the years.
    I’m 30 and was diagnosed with an extremely rare illness at 27 while working as a paramedic. I’m in australia and have had to continue to fight my way back to have done of my independence returned. I’ve been left with a number of deficits and had to fly to Florida and Atlanta for some of my treatment. I’d like to help others through my story to never give up. Any advice would be much appreciated.


  11. WONDERFUL Post.thanks for share..more wait .. …

  12. Dennis Terry says:

    Hi Steve,
    I am not a fan of some of your comments.
    Thinking that corporate is only responsible to its shareholders is false and always has been. You commented about the ongoing reaction to RBC out sourcing.
    You have said that Canadian’s have not right to complain.
    You have become to disconnected from reality, and I am here to give you simple fact that you are desperately missing.
    The Canadian’s you are saying have no right to complain ARE the customer. They are complaining. The customer wants their “5 only by law” regulated banks to have the interest in the countries morality, …not just profits.
    RBC just reported record profits, and squeezing a couple more bucks by firing and out sourcing is morally wrong,…well at least in Canada we look at it this way, and RBC and other firms with similar programs heard that loud and clear.
    It is simple supply side quasi-economists like you that see only profits driving the corporate compass. And is and will be your failure in life and profession. I wish you no luck.

  13. steve says:

    If you disagree with RBC pull your money out of their bank. They are a business who has the right to hire whomever they wish, and you and other Canadians have the right to patronize their business or not. They owe you nothing and you owe them nothing. Thats called a free market and it’s what built your country.

  14. I am currently on day three of the free speaking course. I look forward to completing my course.

  15. Vernadina Nevlous says:

    I started back my 7-Day Course I’m looking forward to completing Thanks Steve

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