I hope you’ll tune in to my live interview on the professional speaking business this Tuesday, June 24. Jeff Herring will be interviewing me about what some people have called the world’s highest paid profession: Professional Public Speaking. I’m not sure if it’s the highest paid or not, but I can tell you President Bill Clinton has earned $109 million in speaking fees since he left office. Even non-celebrity business speakers like me can earn a a seven-figure income expressing your expertise on a subject that solves a problem for an organization. If you’re a speaker, you’ll want to tune in to find out how to make more money. If you’re not a speaker, tune in to see how you can get started. This interview will be broadcast live from the lovely shores of Lake Lanier, just north of Atlanta, via the Internet. This is the future, my friends! Forget NBC and CBS. Internet Television narrowcasts to niche markets on micro niche subjects like professional public speaking. I just wish the great Bill Gove (the father of professional speaking) was around to see this! You can email questions I’ll answer on the show by going to www.articleguyaudioguycafe.com  This is also where the show will be broadcast. See you Tuesday night!  Steve Siebold, CSP, CPCS