This is really going to upset a lot of my old friends at the National Speakers Association. Regardless, this is the truth:

It’s over. The professional speaking business, the heart of which has been speaker’s selling information via long-play records, cassette tapes, CD’s, videos, DVD’s and digital links, is officially DEAD. It was destroyed through the commoditization of information, which is now given away for FREE online. We’ve suffered the same fate as the music business. Musicians are now forced to tour non-stop in order to make a living. Making money from albums is now obsolete, because all recorded music is shared online. For now, fee-paid speakers, like me, are still earning money, just like musicians playing concerts. The question is whether or not this will continue in the future, with meeting planners having so many options to entertain their audiences through technology. Convention Speakers are competing head-to-head with world-class comedians, musicians, magicians and other professional entertainers who are being forced into performing at corporate meetings due to the loss of revenue they’ve suffered from a lack of recording sales.

This is the bad news.

The good news is that speaking is still the most powerful business skill in the world, and combined with a new and modernized revenue model, professional speakers will reach more people and earn more money in the future than ever before. Over the past 90-days, our team at the Georgia Speakers Bureau has constructed the most financially robust, non-celebrity speaking revenue model in the history of the business. Watch this video for more information, and then view the FREE 30-minute webinar that explains how you can go from zero to 6-figures speaking in the next 12-24 months. No hype or exaggeration. In the old model, most people took 5-7 years to achieve this level. 2019 will usher in a new crop of business savvy speakers who have embraced the future of this business, while the old guard clings to an obsolete revenue model and slowly fades away.  Here’s the webinar link:

I’ll look forward to your comments.