The personal development/self-help industry is once again being accosted by the national press in the United States. The catalyst seem to be the Sweat Lodge tragedy that occurred at the James Arthur Ray event in Arizona earlier this month. (more comments on that at  My question for speakers is; are you delivering a message you really believe in? Are you giving your audiences all of you? Are you writing and speaking at the pinnacle of your ability? Are your books, CD’s, DVD’s and other speaker products world class, or just 2nd rate knock off’s of Think and Grow Rich? The great correction of 2008-2009 has taken it’s toll on many speaking careers, but the fact is the best of breed have survived, and in some cases, grown even bigger. The truth is the speaking business is better than ever, but only for the speakers who are writing and delivering a unique message at a high level. Once again, this business has seen another extreme example of survival of the fittest, and among the traits of the fittest is 100% belief in their message. I’ll look forward to your commentson this 7-minute audio post.  Steve Siebold, CSP