Speakers are thought leaders, and that means part of our job is to study and keep up with the people and events that shape the world. One of those people is the late philosopher/novelist, Ayn Rand, author of the 1957 classic Atlas Shrugged. This work became one for the most successful novels of the 20th century, and it continues to sell over 250,000 copies per year. In some circles of the self-made rich, it’s known as “The book of billionaires.” A few years ago it was made into a 3-part Hollywood movie by one of the billionaires I interviewed. Frankly, the movie doesn’t do the book justice, but if you enjoy the book you will enjoy the movie. Watch this short video and be sure to read/listen/watch this amazing work. You may or may not agree with Ms. Rands philosophy of objectivism, but at the very least it will make you think about money, government and capitalism in a different way. And the next time someone in your audience say’s, “Is that a Randian philosophy?”, you’ll know exactly to which he/she is referring.