Back in 2001-2002, post 9/11, over 1200 professional speakers went broke when corporate training and travel budgets were frozen after the terrorist attacks on New York City. This represented the professional speaking industry’s first major economic correction. The middle class of the speaking business went belly up, and almost everyone I knew in NSA thought it was a disaster. The truth is it was one of the best things that’s every happened in our industry. Individuals and organizations had more problems than ever, and were desperate for help, because many of them were suffering for the same reason. Ultimately, they turned to the most innovative speakers/trainers/consultants who had the greatest value propostion and were capable of solving their problems. While the middle class of speakers were still trying to sell pedestrian content and motivational platitudes, the top speakers were getting wealthier delivering creative solutions to increase sales, retention, customer service and every other bottom-line result. In 2009, the speaking business is experiencing it’s biggest correction in it’s 60-year history, and it looks like only the best speakers with the most relevant content will survive. This is GREAT for the customer! It means all of us have to get off the gravy train we’ve been riding for the last 5, flush years of this business and refine even our best material, not to mention our platform skills. Only the best in the business will survive the ‘great correction’ of 2009! In objective reality, isn’t that how it should be?

Steve Siebold   (7:08)