The speaking business has always required mental toughness to succeed, which is one of the reasons few people make it. After 23-years of being a full time 7-figure speaker, I can tell you that most people that attempt to break into this business are too soft to succeed. They’re nice people with good intentions, but not tough enough for the rough and tumble world of fee-paid professional speaking. Now, in the COVID-19 era, where all LIVE meetings and conventions have been cancelled, an unprecedented window of opportunity has opened for new and aspiring speakers to establish themselves while the old guard retires, tries to make a living speaking virtually or cashes in their chips and returns to a corporate job. NOW is the time to POUNCE on this business, build your skills and prepare for the re-emergence of this business in 2021. If you were ever going to make the jump from employee to entrepreneur, NOW is the time! I’m offering Founding Member status to every speaker who enrolls in our Mental Toughness University for Entrepreneurs and Success Coaches. This online coaching program will give you the tools and toughness you need to succeed in the speaking business. Membership is only open until July 2, 2020, and will then be closed until 2021. To watch the 30-minute pre-recorded webinar, visit

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