This Wednesday, June 23, at 9pm ET, we’ll be conducting a Zoom call to outline the upcoming Professional Speakers Demo Video Shoot. We’ll also be discussing what it takes to get listed with the Georgia Speakers Bureau. As the meetings and conventions business reopens, we’re once again searching for new talent. The number #1 tool in your speaker-marketing arsenal is your demo video. This is a 5-10 minute video of you speaking onstage, delivering your best content and stories in an entertaining, exciting way. Without a world-class demo video, it’s almost impossible to get booked as a paid speaker in our newly minted television studio located just outside of Atlanta, we’ll tape your video in a 4-camera, 4K resolution shoot, lit with 26 professional stage lights and digital audio. When prospective clients see your video, they’ll associate the quality of the production with you as a speaker.The only downside to this one-time offer is we have a limited number of speakers we can tape in the allotted time, since this studio is in very high demand. The good news is that the speakers who attend this call will receive a massive discount on the price. To register for the call, click on this link: