One of the most effective marketing tools public speakers use to build their brand and take their message to the masses is doing television interviews. Entire speaking empires have been built through the medium of television. Speaker’s like Tony Robbins, Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra and others have become famous from being on TV. As some of you know I’m in the middle of a 50-city TV interview tour for my new book, How Rich People Think, which kicked off in Orlando, Florida in July and ends in Sydney, Australia in early December. I’ve appeared on 22 TV talk shows since mid-July, and one of the most important aspects of doing this many shows is to have a strategy, especially around your central theme. In other words, you want to select your central theme in each interview that you want the audience to focus on. The same is true when you’re doing print interviews, radio, or any other form of media. The Washington Post called me yesterday for a comment on one of their leading stories, and again, my goal was to drive one central theme. They quoted me in today’s paper, included only 3 sentences from a 20-minute interview, but it was exactly what I wanted them to focus on. I did another interview with Forbes Magazine earlier this week with the same result. This strategy will help you maximize your publicity efforts. Watch this short video for more insight on this important issue for public speakers at every level.   Steve Siebold  ( 2:13 )

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