Bill Gove, the legendary father of professional speaking, gave me a piece of advice back in 1996 that changed my life as a professional speaker. These are the two things most speakers miss, which opens the door for new speakers to enter the business and pass them. It’s part ego, part laziness, and part not fully understanding the uniqueness of the keynote medium. 13 years later, this is the model I still follow to rank among the top 1% of professional speakers, and YOU can do it, too. Don’t buy into the ego driven philosophy that say’s speakers are modern day philosophers or even teachers. We are a special blend of performance artist related to actors, comics, and other entertainers with just a light touch of teaching. For the professional keynote speaker, the magic is not in the content…the magic is in the mix. Listen to this 7-minute post and you’ll see what I mean.  Steve Siebold, CSP  ( 7: 28 )