Fortune 500 executives are famous for referring to vendors in what they call ‘Tier Levels’. They take pride in only hiring “Tier 1 speakers”, which is another way of saying “the best of the best”. After all, they can afford it. When you’re spending five million dollars on a national convention, what difference does it make if the keynote speaker costs fifteen or twenty thousand dollars? They want the best and that’s who they hire. While most struggling speakers are worrying about building flashy websites and killer demo videos, Tier 1 speakers are almost always hired by referral. Of all the Fortune 500 executives I’ve spoken for over the last 14 years, I don’t think any of them have seen my demo video or website. Tier 1 speakers focus their efforts on getting better on the platform and improving their product, which is themselves. For those of you enrolled in the 10-day Free Speaking Course ( I want you to pay close attention to this video and take notes on the details of the four tier levels. I doubt that you’re going to hear this anywhere else. I’ve learned that the speaking business is a lot like the weight loss industry: there’s more money in telling people it’s easy than there is in telling the truth. I was lucky to have the best of the best in this business guiding and advising me every step of the way. The primary reason I have this blog is to pass that same knowledge on to you. I hope you’ll continue to take advantage of it.   Steve Siebold  ( 6:11 )

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