Most speakers I know write their books too early, long before they’ve honed their message and established their uniqueness. That’s why the average speaker sells less than 250 copies of their book, and rarely write more than one. Most speakers books are Think and Grow Rich regurgitated. Invest the time in creating your unique point of view and put it in your book. Take a stand and write in strong, direct language. Writing about positive thinking is great, but it’s been done over and over for the last 100 years. What the market needs is new ideas, especially in a climate of fear and scarcity. People are looking for new strategies to thrive and survive in the new world we are now living in. Once you’ve written a book with a strong platform you can promote it on TV, radio, the Internet and all forms of print media. If the premise of your book is strong and somewhat controversial, it will be newsworthy and the media will want to interview you. My new book, How Rich People Think, is getting some attention in the press for this reason. Some in the media are offended by what I’ve written about the rich and how they think differently than the rest of us, but they still want to interview me! Interesting, huh? You can do the same thing. Here’s a short interview that aired around the country today on Daytime NBC.

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