This is the taboo topic in the speaking business no one likes to talk about. But the fact is, the overwhelming majority of people trying to break into the speaking business will fail in the first 12-24 months. I know dozens of speakers who have been trying to break into this business for 25 years without success. There’s a little known reason all the top speakers know but are reluctant to talk about. After all, we’re supposed to be positive thinkers! Try paying your phone bill with positive thinking. You need know the speaking business inside out, as well as how the system works. You need to know the good, bad and ugly of this business so you can seperate the hype from the truth. Most of this information is only discussed among top speakers in backroom, closed-door sessions. The only reason I had access to these insider secrets was because my partnership with Bill Gove gave me a backstage pass to the big time. Some of the most important things I learned were the negative aspects of the business I never heard at NSA meetings. This information catapulted my career to million dollar status in less than 5 years. And YOU can do it, too! Listen to this post and then join us in Atlanta July 11-13, 2008 for the Million Dollar Speaker Marketing Seminar.  Visit  Steve Siebold, CSP, CPCS